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My name is Heather Shultz

Hi I am currently a Licensed Vocational Nurse with a passion for patients and Nursing Staff education. In a former life I was in the US Army, I served as a Civil affairs and logistic specialist, as well as being a certified Combat Medic and was Deployed During Operation Enduring Freedom 2003-2005 and I am considered a Combat Veteran.

Our Courses & Programs

Expand Your Skills

Inside an Ambulance

AHA CPR Training

BLS Initial & Renewals

The Basic Life Support course covers all the basics of adult, child and infant life support, such as CPR skills, AED use, BVM ventilation and choking. It is geared for those working or entering the healthcare field. The provider cards are current for 2 years. There are two options for course completion: a live class which is generally about 3-4 hours and cost is $75 or completing the first part of the course online through the AHA’s eLearning website and then coming for a skills check off. Our fee for the skills check is $50. Group Rates Negotiable, Please Contact for more Details.

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Personalized Attention

Providing personalized attention entails a focused effort to understand and cater to the unique needs, preferences, and circumstances of individuals. Whether in a professional setting or a personal relationship, it involves actively listening, empathizing, and adapting one's approach to ensure that each person feels valued and understood. This personalized approach can enhance communication, build trust, and foster a deeper connection, ultimately resulting in more effective problem-solving, better outcomes, and a higher level of satisfaction for those receiving the tailored attention.


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